Wednesday, January 25, 2012

How To Create Restore Point On Window 7

For users of Windows operating system, especially for a system administrator or people who still remember experimenting with this.
System restore point is not a new thing on the operating system Windows 7
It was introduced by Microsoft since the launch of Windows ME to the public.

System restore points allow an administrator to restore windows system (windows restore) to the the original state without losing data and some of the settings you have done.

System restore can be used if on a windows operating system encountered a problem and cause the windows running unstable.

How to create a System Restore Point in Windows 7?
It is recommended to users windows operating system to create a restore point before doing a lot of changes in the system.
You can make it after install windows or make it after adding a standard program on windows.

To make it, please follow the steps below:

Click Start, point the mouse on the Computer. Right-click Computer and select Properties.

On the Control Panel > All Control Panel > System, click System Protection.

On System Properties window. Click the Create button.

Give a name you like. We suggest give according to the state system on your computer because it will be easy to remember it later.
After that, click the Create button.

Wait until windows gathering information on your computer and create a system restore point.

Click the Close button when done.

Now you have made a system restore point for your windows 7.
You can use it any time to restore the original state if your windows 7 have problems.

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